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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Working Mentality of Afghan Immigrints

Immigrants to the US are usually more constructive when it comes to working and getting their businesses off-the-ground than native-born Americans. Shafie Ayar, author of Afghan Hearts & Minds, has done well in the states purely out of his extremely hardworking mentality. As head of a large florists business, one of his american employees once asked him about how, being an American with all the given privileges from his birth, he was not at a higher position than him in the work world. Mr. Ayar responded to the effect of: "I worked 10-12 hours per day to get my business where it is. It is just hard work that made the difference."

Americans are generally not as grateful for the opportunities they are born with in relation to immigrants.  International travel helps to bring a greater understanding to their position, but sometimes that does not charge an individual with refocused lenses. Sometimes it takes an immigrant who has traversed all the barriers imaginable to get to the US to make a native-born America to realize their potential.       

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